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Brinkmann 652 KF Coulometer

The 652 KF Coulometer for water determination generates the reagent (iodine) directly in the titrating cell electrochemically. This coulometric process is, by its very nature, highly sensitive. Combined vvith the selected indicator method allows the determination of traces of moisture down to the lower microgram range: reliably, accurately, precisely and rapidly. Coulometry is an absolute method and as such requires no calibration or titre determination.

The 652 KF Coulometer is virtually fully automatic; all its functions are controlled by a microprocessor. Operation via clearly formatted interactive dialogue with the instrument simple and easy to understand. The measuring cell is compact and, in addition, is so well sealed against the ingress of atmospheric moisture that this in no way interferes; if necessary, a blank value is automatically reconciled.

The coulometer is in Good condition and is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

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