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Denon DP-23F Turntable

Denon DP-23F Turntable

A wonderful turntable from Denon. The DP-23F is a micro processor controlled fully automatic turntable with an electronically controlled tonearm. Other features include soft touch controls, one-touch playback, record size selector, and an elegant design. The cartridge has been upgraded to a Stanton D65-2 cartridge.

The turntable is compatible with any receiver with a PHONO input source.

The only issue with the turntable is that when the auto-start feature is used on 30" records (33 RPM), it tries to set the needle down just outside the record. To prevent this you could use the Lifter button. The auto-start feature works fine on 17" records (45 RPM). All other functions on this turntable have been tested and are working properly.

The dust cover has scuffs (see 4th picture). The rest of the turntable is in Very Good condition and is guaranteed to work properly.

Price: $318.00

USA Shipping: $47.00

Warranty: 90 days

Stock no: 1295981445

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