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Sony DVW-M2000P VCR

Sony DVW-M2000P VCR. The DVW-M2000P is a digital videocassette recorder based on the Digital Betacam format. This unit uses large scale integrated circuits for signal processing, and has a simple internal construction, allowing it to provide functionality at least equivalent to a conventional VTR in a compact (4U size),
lightweight, and low power consumption design.
It not only offers recording and playback in Digital
Betacam format, but can also play back tapes recorded
in Betacam SX format, analog Betacam format, or
MPEG IMX format

The VTR was serviced and adjusted in June 2020 by a certified technician. Hours are as follows:

H01 - 76006
H02 - 11861
H03 - 9840
H04 - 1950
H12 - 5812
H13 - 4733
H14 - 19503

We have a total of 5 units available with similar hours.

The VCR is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

Price: $1,220.00

USA Shipping: $73.00

Warranty: 90 days

Stock no: 254616453986

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