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Elac Miracord 50H Turntable

Elac Miracord 50H Turntable

A wonderful turntable from Elac, featuring a Bang & Olufsen SP12 cartridge.

The record player sounds beautiful with the Band & Olufsen cartridge. The dust cover is in remarkable condition for its age, and the hinges stay open on their own.

A couple of issues to note. When moving the tonearm out of its slot and placing it on the record, sometimes the 33RPM selector needs to be changed to 45RPM then back to 33PM in order for the record to start spinning. When stopping play, the platter makes a rubbing noise as if attempting to stop the platter quickly. Of course, the platter will stop turning on its own after a few seconds. Lastly, the undercover is missing as seen in the last picture. The Elac comes with a 5-pin audio connector (same as B&O), for which there are conversion cables available for fitment into a regular Phono input.

The turntable is guaranteed to work as described.

Price: $300.00

USA Shipping: $59.00

Warranty: 90 days

Stock no: 303535008509

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